Full power to drives, all ahead full

Greetings fellow Admirals,

Welcome to the first post on Into The Storm Zone, a blog dedicated to showing and sharing my progress with Firestorm Armada, a 1/10,000th scale starship battle game by Spartan Games. I have quite literally just stepped into the game as I’ll explain in a moment but I can already see the promise this game has and I’m a huge fan of the game mechanics and the models. So, let’s get the intro questions out of the way!

Firstly, why did you get into Firestorm?

Quite simply I love spaceships! (I’m an aerospace design engineer in training) Between Chris and I there probably isn’t much in the Sci Fi genre that we haven’t touched on or looked at one point or another and each of us have sizeable collections of books, games and films covering the utopian, dystopian and sometimes just plain odd futuristic settings the world has generated so far. My friend, Chris, and I are both big Battleflet Gothic fanboys and were deeply saddened by the discontinuation of the game by Games Workshop.  Chris in particular had racked up a lot of playing hours with the starships of the Imperium, Chaos and Orks while I had only had the chance to touch on the Imperial fleet before it became a relic of Gaming History. As such, we really wanted to find a game to fill the gap of collossal starships dealing death in the void, and Firestorm offers just that!

Secondly, how did you get into Firestorm?

This one was pretty much pure chance. My group of regular gaming friends went to London to visit one of our mates and play a load of Warhammer/role play games/board games over the course of a weekend. As we needed some tables we headed to Dark Sphere where you can rent gaming space for the day (if you live anywhere near London and haven’t heard of this place you need to check it out, it is gaming nirvana!). We walked in and found that the place was stacked full of loads of different table top wargames that we had never seen or in some cases heard of before! I’d seen some stuff about Firestorm before and it had tickled some interest but never really hit home (it was still in the 1st edition at the time and I’d heard mixed reviews). So as we were wandering around the store Chris and I spotted the Battle for Valhalla starter set for Firestorm and decided to take a closer look. It pretty much hit all the required boxes; giant spaceships, fighters and bombers, different weapon types, interesting races and boarding actions being some of the key ones for us. So, about 3.7 seconds later we decided to buy it and split it between us, Chris went for Terran and I took the Dindrenzi (Railguns = Awesome).

Thirdly, where next with the game?

Well, firstly we’re going to play through the linked missions in the Valhalla book. As an aside, I really wish more games companies did this with their starter sets; it is effectively a series of linked battles with an overriding narrative to get you into the fluff of the game and the mechanics at the same time. You start with the simplest class of ship, a frigate and then gradually introduce more complex ships, game rules and terrain effects so you don’t get inundated by rules all in a single sitting. In addition to the linked games, we want to get our starter fleets painted up (a post should be up sometime next week covering my painting of the Dindrenzi fleet) and then look to expand up to around the 800 points limit of a Patrol Fleet sized game. Once we’ve got a bit more of a handle on the rules and how our respective fleets work we’ll probably look to either expand our current fleet or start on a second for some variety.

So that pretty much wraps up the first post! I hope this blog turns into something worth reading and that you guys get involved and start commenting and sharing. As I mentioned at the start, I’m completely new to this so any advice or veteran points of view would be appreciated!

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “Full power to drives, all ahead full”

  1. Hi Matt, I found your blog eventually!

    FSA is a pretty awesome game and, with second edition, has become much more of a “complete” hobby. I was blown away with how much better just the rules layout is compared to first ed, nevermind the rules themselves, and many of the new ships look amazing (although the classic designs still hold up, especially the Poseidon for the Aquans).

    I live in London and play at Dark Sphere whenever possible. If you’re on Facebook, search for “Dark Sphere Spartan Games”. It’s a group where we arrange games and talk about SG stuff.

    Looking forward to more posts!

    – Alex

    1. Hi Alex,

      Yeah my bad haha, I managed to put it down as .blogspot rather than .wordpress on my twitter account, probably didn’t help! I’m loving the little of FSA I’ve played so far, as you say the rulebook is really well laid out, the rules are clear and concise and the ships are incredible. The Praetorian in particular is a big favourite of mine.

      I’ll take a look at the SG group for Dark Sphere, I don’t live in London but my gaming group and I are planning the odd trip up there so I’ll be sure to give people a heads up to try and get a couple of games in!

      There’ll be plenty of posts in the near future. I’m thinking of opening with a series analysing the ships from the Battle of Valhalla set, first one should go live tomorrow 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing more on Fleet Signal!


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