Patrol Fleet Battle Report: Dindrenzi vs Aquans

Hi all,

Welcome back to Into The Storm Zone, a blog that I have much neglected since I started it; but hopefully that is about to change!

This is the first battle report I’ve done for Firestorm so please be gentle. I didn’t get anywhere near as many photos as I would have liked and took almost no notes (go me!) but hopefully I can convey enough of the sentiment of the game to entertain you and hopefully give you some idea into the game if you’ve not come across it before.

With my Dindrenzi I took:

The Pride of Dramos (Praetorian Class Battleship)

  • +3 Wings
  • 5 Bombers
  • Ops Centre
  • Remove Ablative Plating
  • High Energy
  • Deck Crews
  • Split Fire (I had 5 points spare…)

The Bastards of Barbalon* (Secutor Squadron with 3 ships)

Crimson Death (Secutor Squadron with 3 ships)

Falcon Squadron (Thraex Squadron with 3 ships)

Eagle Squadron (Thraex Squadron with 3 ships)

My opponent (Aquans) took:

The Eternal Ocean (Maelstrom Class Battleship)

  • +2 Shields
  • -1 Turn Limit
  • Energy Transfer (2)
  • 1 Kappa Escort

Rift Stalker (Orca Class Battlecruiser)

  • +1 Shield
  • Energy Transfer (2)
  • 2 Chimera Frigates

The Sea Darts (Isonade Squadron with 4 ships)

  • Difficult Target
  • Energy Transfer (1)

Chimera Frigate Squadron with 4 ships

The board had a mix of terrain; a planetoid to the right about half way up the board and a scattering of asteroid fields and gas clouds to provide cover and firelanes.

I deployed my two Frigate Squadrons on either flank; Eagle to the left and Falcon to the right with the Bastards on the centre left and the Crimson Death centre right. I anchored my centre with the Pride, allowing me to swing that fierce Rail Gun to either left or right as needed. Jon deployed the Ocean to the far right (all directions given from my point of view) behind an asteroid field and with the planetoid providing additional cover supported by his squadron of Chimerae. The Sea Darts took up a relatively central position while the Rift Stalker started on the centre left to support them. We rolled off, with me winning the roll but electing to pass initiative to allow Jon to move a target into better range for me.

The game started fairly cagey with neither of us wanting to commit too early. The Chimerae moved forward to engage the Thraex on the right, stripping a hull point from one but otherwise not harming them. Falcon Squadron then retaliated in full effect, killing a Chimera outright! The Isonades moved up behind an asteroid field, firing through at the Bastards and the Pride but to little effect. The Rift Stalker pulled forwards to engage the Bastards only to be hammered for 2 hull points by a salvo of Rail Gun and Torpedo attacks from Eagle Squadron. Finally the beasts stirred; the Ocean slipping quietly out from hiding and beginning her move towards the Dindrenzi line while the Pride eased forwards and unleashed a full forward attack through the asteroids, damaging the lead Isonade.

With the Battle Cruiser taking hits Jon immediately moved her into the gas cloud to the centre left before a relatively tame round of shooting took a hull point from the lead element of the Bastards. The Chimerae on the right then activated and managed to wipe out Falcon Squadron! Bad times.

Top of Turn 2
Top of Turn 2

The Isonades made themselves known, moving out from behind the asteroids and broadsiding the Crimson Death, taking 2 hull points off of the lead model. The Bastards decided to ignore the Rift, with it being so close and within the gas cloud the attack would have been lucky to scratch the paint and instead turned to meet the emergent threat of the Sea Darts, opening up and destroying one of their number. Meanwhile, the Crimson Death used their distance to turn towards the Rift, bringing their guns into optimum range and stripping a further 3 hull points from her with a mix of Rail Gun and Torpedo strikes. Meanwhile, the Ocean cruised ever closer, moving up to within gravity range of the planetoid and slipping a few extra shots into the Bastards, destroying one. The Praetorian meanwhile butted heads with the Isonades while her gun racks raked the flank of the Rift. Unfortunately neither attack caused serious harm…

Which lead to the Isonades being at worryingly high strength when they ended up here…

This is going to hurt…. A lot….

They targeted the Pride and hit her hard… really hard…

Dem 6's!
Dem 6’s!

Putting a huge double critical on her disabling her PD Network! From here, realistically there was no going back and it was downhill for the Sons of Rense at this point. The two cruiser squadrons now left on 2 damaged ships each dropped two minefields to try and catch out the pesky Isonades (needing 5s to hit Medium Capital ships is horrible) but to no avail and with the Praetorian not being able to drop the 10AD double mine hit that the Nausicaa can once they were in the rear arc there was little I could do to prevent the destruction. The Rift took out 2 ouf of 3 of Eagle Squadron with the final ship unable to exact revenge in the rear arc of the Aquan Battle Cruiser while the remains of the Bastards and Crimson Death ended up congested around the Ocean alongside the Praetorian. It had been an honourable fight, and the Aquans tier 1s were hurting badly but alas, not enough to prevent the Secutors and the Pride being destroyed.

Is it OK to park here?
Is it OK to park here?

Final Result: Aquan Major Victory

All in all it was a fun game, and to be honest I was feeling pretty good at the top of turn 2 but once those Isonades got behind me combined with some truly staggering dice rolls from both side of the table it was pretty much curtains. Man of the match for me has to be the Praetorian; I absolutely love this ship, the model is stunning, it’s versatile and packs a punch. But I need to have a rethink about how I want to use her. I took 5 bomber wings this game and they literally bombed, dealing nothing but superficial damage thanks to some highly accurate PD and shocking attack roles. Time to retool, rethink and come out swinging once more in true Dindrenzi fashion!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the first of many battle reports on the blog, this one was a bit of a mess due to lack of notes and pictures but expect them to be a bit less “rules-y” and a bit more “narrative-y” going forwards.

Until next time!



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