Dindrenzi Core Helix Unboxing

Hi all,

Welcome back to ITSZ. Today we’re going to take a look at the Core Helix for the Dindrenzi in Firestorm Planetfall. One of my regular opponents, Chris, picked up the Sorylian Core Helix a little while back and so Jon and I are also getting involved so we can start doing some Systems Wars games.

The box itself is fairly standard for Spartan Games product. A full colour sleeve over a durable cardboard box featuring some crisp images of the painted models and a blurb describing the box contents and a bit about the Dindrenzi in Planetfall.

The contents are all seperated into individually wrapped protective bags, everything was in good shape. The largest base is slightly warped but nothing major.

The tanks are a fair bit bigger than I thought they would be but that’s not a bad thing. The Kratos in particular is a beast! I’m looking forward to getting him painted up and on a table.

I’m a big fan of the Eris too, following a similar design as the Kratos but smaller (obviously). Still a decent sized rail gun on them though!

The Circe I’m less of a fan of. I get it’s a support tank but it seems like a bit of a blob by comparison to the agile twin hulled battle tanks and considering it’s able to keep pace with them it would have been good to have a tank that looks like it would be capable of keeping pace. Maybe I’ll come round to it once it has some paint on it.

The Leto’s I’m a big fan of; small, agile and packing a punch they really are cool little models.

The Nyx were one of the main reasons I decided to take the plunge into Planetfall. Highly elite troops who specialise in plummeting to ground in a drop pod? Yes please! Add to that that they can be upgrades to some of the best CQB infantry in the game and you’re onto a winner!

All in all I’m really happy with the models, they’re detailed enough to make them interesting for painting and the design is great. There’s a lot of flash to deal with which is a little disappointing but nothing too onerous.

I’m going to get started on these next week hopefully so I’ll post up some WIP images then.

Until next time!


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