KR Multicase Review

Hi all,

Those of you I’ve played prior to now know that my army storage has been somewhat… lacklustre up to now. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it has been completely, criminally, catastrophically horrendous.

My current figure case...
I’m sorry! I feel actual shame when I look at this box…

As such, I decided that I would invest some cash into a new figure case. I’ve had a fair few in the past for various armies but my favourites have always been KR Multicase. The cases themselves have always impressed me (I own two of their aluminium ones, a single unit and a double sized) and so I returned to them for the one to protect my current fleets. Due to financial constraints I opted to go for a cardboard case rather than another aluminium one.

Wrapped parcel
The outer packaging

The package itself was fairly light in terms of wrapping, an outer sleeve of plastic with the usual details on it. Nothing particularly exciting but functional.

The glorious bubble wrapped innards.
The glorious bubble wrapped innards.

But, the case was neatly wrapped up in a decent bubble wrap sleeve. It covered the entire case with a bit extra to spare and I have to hand it to KR, whether it is due to the ruggedness of the case itself or the packaging the case was in perfect shape.

The case itself
The case itself
Top view
Top view

For those who haven’t seen or used a KR case before they generally come prefilled with foam; either precut into dedicated shapes or as customisable pluck foam. This was the only minor disappointment for me in terms of the product. When I ordered it I bought 2 sets of dedicated foams; a Dindrenzi set and a Terran set as those are the fleets I’m currently building up and working on. I was expecting the foam to be cut, not necessarily into dedicated shapes for each ship class but at least in the rough form of the various tiers, especially for the Dindrenzi seeing as their entire fleet has almost the same top down shape. Instead they come as a series of pluck foam sheets, one thick and 2 thin for each fleet.

The foam cores
The foam cores
Full contents
Full contents
I have literally no idea what these are for...
I have literally no idea what these are for…

That said, once you’ve puzzled out where most of the various ships are supposed to sit it’s actually not too bad. I managed to fit the Dindrenzi Praetorian, Retribution and pair of Cataphracts in the thick section, while all of the Terran cruisers and frigates can fit in the same spaces if needs be (though I’d want to seal the ships after painting to ensure they don’t chip if I did this).

The Dindrenzi fleet
The Dindrenzi fleet
5 Secutors, 9 Thraex and 3 Retarius
5 Secutors, 9 Thraex and 3 Retarius
And the Terrans...
And the Terrans…
Squaring off, even in storage!
Squaring off, even in storage!

For now I’ve left the 6th Secutor in the slot with the Cataphracts but I’ll revisit this and move it to a different sheet another time.

Packaging: 8/10

The product was undamaged but the outer plastic sheeting was really flimsy and starting to pull open in places. Unlikely to cause any harm but in the event of rain etc. could be problematic. The bubble wrap was decent and secure, it’s a minor thing but it makes a difference!

Outer Case: 8/10

I still prefer the aluminium offerings for that feel of solidity and protection (hence the 8) but I have to hand it to KR, the cardboard one is a pretty tough customer. The card is a good couple of millimetres thick and in places folded over with a couple of layers to give it some more rigidity. I haven’t done a deliberate drop test yet but I’d be fairly confident that it would hold up with little more than a wrinkled corner!

The Foams: 6.5/10

I’m not sure if I’ve been over harsh here or not but I’ll try and clarify. The foam itself is the same type of foam in all KR products so the protective nature of the foam is not in doubt. It will do it’s job without an issue. However, I felt that the way the foams had been cut left things a little confused. The Dindrenzi set for example has 2 identical thinner sheets for cruisers and frigates etc. which is fine as once you work out where the split lines for each class kind of go to keep everything separate it all fits in pretty well. But, I feel that they could have made better use of the space available, particularly on the Terran set where I’m pretty sure I actually ended up using the second Dindrenzi thin sheet as I couldn’t find a way to tear the foam to fit the Terran cruisers in without compromising the fixed walls that were designed into the sheet.

Service & Delivery: 10/10

I’ve yet to find a fault with KR’s service and dispatch times. I think I ordered the case last Thursday and it was waiting for me when I got back from a weekend away on Monday morning. Fantastic work.

Price: 8/10

For what you get with KR the prices are highly competitive; great service and a great product. This would have been higher had the foams been a little better laid out as I felt a little bit hard done by when it came to the Terran sheets and the difficulty in fitting the cruisers (or maybe I’m just being a pleb – if that’s the case I’ll be sure to come back and edit this!). But in all £30 for a solid case with a decent amount of storage is hardly a rip off!

I highly recommend checking them out for yourselves at: the website is a little dated and can be a bit cumbersome but the product is top shelf. And as a disclaimer; no I am not an employee, paid by, bribed, coerced, forced or otherwise led against my will into writing this review, all views held within are those solely of myself.

Until next time!


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