August Doumerc – An Introduction

Hi all,

Welcome back to ITSZ. Today I’ve got a slightly unusual article compared to normal but it’s something I wanted to share. My regular gaming group, consisting of (forum names) Tibberg, Eternal Ocean and August Doumerc are really into writing up narratives and characters for the games we’ve play. This may have become apparent from previous posts on here but I thought I’d state the obvious! August is the latest addition to the Firestorm group, being a long time player of many a Games Workshop product and to say he joined with enthusiasm would be understating things. Shortly after seeing a couple of games and talking with us about the way the system worked he went and bought enough models for a Patrol Fleet. This was at the end of last week. They were unpainted. Now, he has a fully painted 800 point fleet of Dindrenzi, with a back story and his first game is scheduled for Saturday. If that’s not going in with both feet I don’t know what is and huge respect to him for getting everything turned around so quickly. Some of you may have seen this on the Forum already but for those that haven’t I’ll use his own words to describe his fleet:

Honoured comrades,

While the name Doumerc may not resonate at the same volume as that of Rense, rest assured it rings true to the same timbre of Liberation. Since that Second War of Secession, when my grandfather Lukas overthrew our slavers and brought freedom to the Corsica Grandis system, we have been steadily repairing and upgrading our vessels, training our peoples and manufacturing the weapons of war. It is with great pride that I may finally lead our treasured and decorated fleet, The Legion d’Honneur, into the Storm Zone to the clarion of battle sounded by the Rense family.

The following details the first quota of ships under my command, who will soon be joined by further reinforcements fresh from a ‘Corsican’ refitting.

The Legion d’Honneur: Corsica Grandis Defence Fleet

The full fleet at current strength musters to take the fight to the Kurak Alliance.
The full fleet at current strength musters to take the fight to the Kurak Alliance.

The flagship of August Doumerc. His grandfather Lukas named the ship after the title he himself had been given by the Terrans against whom he had rebelled during the Second War of Secession. It is a scarred and venerable ship, a famed relic of the Corsican people, and while somewhat lacking compared to larger or more powerful Dindrenzi ships the sheer presence of this symbol of liberation is enough to spur the fleet on to great acts of bravery and defiance.

The Corsican Ogre, a Nauticaa Class Battleship of great renown
The Corsican Ogre, a Nauticaa Class Battleship of great renown

The great monsters of ancient Terran myth often guarded treasures, and the cruiser squadron of the System Defence Fleet were so named for guarding the greatly treasured planets of the Corsica Grandis system. But the monsters of myth were never tamed and fearsome to behold, destroying any who were unworthy to claim their hoard. Lukas Doumerc was one such worthy being, and he roused these beasts for battle with the order to overthrow their oppressors, their legacy remembered in the name ‘The Bane of Tyrants‘.

DNS Colossus (Murmillo Class Heavy Cruiser) and DNS Medusa and Centaur (Secutor Class Cruisers)
DNS Colossus (Murmillo Class Heavy Cruiser) and DNS Medusa and Centaur (Secutor Class Cruisers)

August Squadron are the most recent addition to the Legion d’Honneur, commissioned by the Admiral Viscount with the need for greater forces to assist in the growing war in The Storm Zone. While the ships are new, the crews are assembled from distinguished gunnery units from across the fleet, filled with men perfectly suited to their role as long-range marksmen.

DNS Thunder, Rifleman and Foresight (Trident Class Destroyers)
DNS Thunder, Rifleman and Foresight (Trident Class Destroyers)

They are joined by the system defence outriders in the form of two squadrons of Thraex Class Frigates, Boar Squadron and Sentinel Squadron.

Boar and Sential Squadrons (Thraex Class Frigates)
Boar and Sential Squadrons (Thraex Class Frigates)

August has even gone so far as to construct an element of history to the system they hail from, Corsica Grandis and formed an impressive level of detail:

From the memoirs of Lukas Doumerc, first Viscount of Corsica Grandis, Admiral of the Legion d’Honneur; ‘Of Liberty, Freedom and Hope’
“Corsica is a paradise. Like the islands scattered across its iridescent oceans, it too is a small and perfect home to those who braved the icy depths of space to claim her. Her people are hardy and independent, as any descendant of those early pioneers, and there is much rivalry between the neighbouring planets within the Corsica Grandis System. Of course, there are times when such rivalries may have boiled over into bloodshed, but such is the nature of a folk bred on the ideals of self-determination and rugged individualism, weaned upon the fountain of exploration and feasting upon the maxim ‘Ability is nothing without opportunity’. That is not to say that there were not also prolonged periods of peace, of trade, alliances and prosperity, but to outsiders, ignorant of our cultures, we were seen as an unruly mob, a rabid pack of dogs who needed to be brought to heel.
And so it was decreed by those pompous autocrats at the head of the Satellite Charter that the people of Corsica and her siblings would no longer hold sovereignty, that their liberty and freedoms would be stripped, and laws, concocted in the realm of theory, would be imposed with no thought as to their practical applications in our society, one that is far removed from Terran morals and ethics. At the helm of a menacing fleet came Benito Franco, first to hold the title ‘Governor of Corsica Grandis’, with the announcement that our peoples had been brought into the fold of the Terran Commonwealth. Franco and his coterie were little more than domineering barbarians, disguised as a benign authority heralding a grandiose claim that under their leadership our worlds would reap the economic benefits of a unified system. Under the watchful eye of our new overlords our people could do little else but oblige to these new measures, while we watched with our own eyes the fruits of our labour taken from our mouths and sent back to Terra.
Our people suffered in this way until that great man, Ignatius Rense, and all of Dramos stood up to the gaolers of Terra in that Great War of Liberation. While defeated and exiled, their actions sent a bold message across the Outer Reach – we alone will shape our destiny, and while you may kill us you will never enslave us. It was half a century after these fateful events that I was born into this world, a world filled with a smouldering resentment at those who ruled us but equally filled with the burning hope for change. My being was shaped in the forge of Corsican resistance, but it is the patient blacksmith who hones the sharpest steel. It only seemed right that I should join the Navy, piously proclaiming allegiance to Terra and The Commonwealth but secretly harbouring loyalty only to Corsica.
It was with great diligence that I dedicated myself to the Navy. I knew that while the legend of Rense lived on, a hallowed name amongst our people, one day another would rise as he did and lead us to independence. As the years passed I began to question my conviction. Doubt crept in. It was as though Ignatius’s rebuke and exile had the desired effect; resistance was futile, and the once powerful spirit of the Outer Reaches had been crushed through decades of servitude. My rank steadily increased with the years but my quest for power had lost meaning. In my 46th year I received Admiralty of The Corsica Grandis Defence Fleet, little more than a formality for I could advance no further being Commonwealth-born. An ignoble title. Command of fleets with remit to travel beyond the system were reserved only for Charter-born; the people of Corsica could not be trusted with positions of power for the threat to stability we proposed, and it was only due to my distinguished career of service that I was uneasily given this position. Those foolish Terrans were correct to be wary.
News of Markus Rense’s declaration of Commonwealth independence came to me while my fleet were patrolling the borders of system. Every officer on the command deck fell silent, exchanging worried glances and hushed exclamations before their eyes eventually fell to me. It was as though time itself had paused for this momentous occasion, giving me the clarity to consider the weight of these actions and to decide upon my own fate. I looked over my crew, each of them Corsican born and loyal to the end, and saw in their eyes a spark that I had thought for too long extinguished. So I said to them;
“We are, all of us, the children of Ignatius Rense. For too long have we been exploited, for too long have we been shackled while our Terran rulers have grown fat off our toiling. Within each of you lies the spirit of those who fought in the War of Liberation, for that is the character of the brave pioneers from whom we are all descended. Ability is nothing without opportunity, and in this moment I see the greatest opportunity to claim our freedom. I am the Admiral of The Corsica Grandis Defence Fleet, and you are my loyal officers. Today, we will live up to our name and finally come to the defence of Corsica Grandis.”
With a great cheer and full of fervour we set course for the orbital defence station at the heart of the system. Only one man objected and tried to warn them of our plans; he was shot. We claimed the defence station in a glorious but bloody assault, our treacherous attack allowing us to close with the target before the threat of their formidable weapons array could be brought to bear upon us. The Governer, a relative of Benito France, was captured in the assault. I told him that, regardless of his position of nobility, his treatment would be no different to that of those who had died earlier under his command. He too was shot.
Word of our actions inevitably reached the other admirals of the system and they returned with haste to crush our rebellion. For some, their Corsican crews rebelled before our fleets could engage, while others still commanded the loyalty of their charges and we fought each and every one of them. With every ship we lost we gained three more, and with every new assault we fought back with greater resolve. Unbeknownst to us, we were but part of a wider conflict spanning the Outer Reach, and with the Terrans launching their assault on Dramos our little uprising was but a drop in the ocean. Still the Terrans brought their fleets to Corsica, and still we stood firm. I had become a thorn in their side, and earned myself the name ‘The Corsican Ogre’.
Three years of war followed until finally peace was secured with a historic treaty recognising Commonwealth independence. Markus Rense, the great Liberator himself, praised our people for our actions and has given a great honour by naming us too as Dindrenzi, ‘The Children of Rense’. It now falls to me, as leader of the resistance, that I take the mantle of Viscount of Corsica Grandis. Never again will my people suffer under the rule of outsiders. Never again will the fruits of our labour be taken from us. Never again will the greatness of my people be suppressed. Corsica Grandis will once again be a place of liberty, freedom and hope.”

I think we can all agree that that is pretty damn cool so give the man a hand for going to such lengths. The dark grey and gold scheme works really well, giving them an imposing and warlike, yet well tended look. All in all a great looking fleet and I look forward to pitting my WIP Terran Fleet against them and fighting alongside them with the 913th – who are currently being reformed under one Admiral Killian Jones following the refit of the Pride currently nearing completion!

All in all, really great work August. And if any readers have an fleets or Planetfall armies you’d like featured feel free to email me at: and I’ll be more than happy to post up your pics and fluff.
Until next time!

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