The Icarus Project: Gabriel Cross Unboxing

Hi all,

Welcome back to ITSZ. Today I wanted to show you the level of quality and detail that is going into the miniatures for The Icarus Project Kickstarter (so don’t worry, it’s picture heavy!). As mentioned yesterday when the KS reached 200 backers Anthony and the Icarus team decided to put a sale on for Gabriel Cross, the mini currently available on the store pending the result of the Kickstarter, so I picked one up to give you guys a look at what sort of quality you can expect from these guys in the future. Even if they fail to make their funding level in this round they’ve said that they’re going to go back, have a rethink and decide on a course of action that gets this game into our grubby little gamer mitts so these figures are coming, it’s just a case of when.

I thought I’d preface the showing of the model with a bit of history and detail on how the concept evolved. Below is the first piece of concept art for the character that Icarus commissioned. To give you an insight into who he is; Gabriel was orphaned at a young age, after being adopted by a mercenary named Issac Cross he went on to join the Galactic Marines where his squad, The Immortals, were one of the most decorated units of the Second Nexus War. After the war he turned his back on the Alliance and became a Merc, though a slightly unusual one; while he is still a gun for hire he is one with a conscience and tends to take jobs that involve catching bad guys rather than being one. He still wears his old GM uniform, heavily modified and personalised including the addition of a bespoke AI called Prometheus which enables him to act and react faster than most as well as moderating his suit environment for extreme circumstances. He travels aboard his ship the Nimbus with is crew of fellow mercenaries, many former Alliance soldiers themselves such as the pilot, Charlie Bishop, and the teams sniper, Thomas Welts – also known as Spectre, also a former member of the Immortals.

Bounty Hunter. Mercenary. Criminal. Hero.

Original Artwork for Gabriel Cross by Daniel Comerci
Original Artwork for Gabriel Cross by Daniel Comerci

From this initial artwork the concept developed to this 3D sculpt by Prodos which I’m sure you’ll agree captures the feel of the artwork above as a workable miniature.

Gabriel 3D Sculpt 2 Gabriel 3D Sculpt 1 Gabriel 3D Sculpt 4 Gabriel 3D Sculpt 3

As you’ll see below, it’s amazing how much of that detailed sculpting has come across into the final model. The clips on the straps, the detailing on the boots and armour, the gun details; they’re all present to a good degree which I was very impressed with. But enough talk, let’s look at the model itself:

IMG_0093 IMG_0094

While a boring part of a miniature, the packaging is important to me. It is the first tactile part of the purchase a buyer gets hold of and can easily send the wrong message if done poorly. The Icarus packaging was simple but of quality; the clampack style clip case was a good thickness that made it feel sturdy and protective while the cardstock was nicely printed and with good detail. Included in the pack, and I assume this is a trend that will continue, is the rules card for Gabriel showing points cost and stat line on one side and upgrade options and special rules on the other. All the rules are also free online so no issue sharing them here:

IMG_0113 IMG_0114

The cardstock is good, not great but for a gaming card it is more than enough; any thicker would just be unnecessary expense, especially as the rules are still subject to change. As for the mini itself, take a look:

IMG_0090 IMG_0092 IMG_0096 IMG_0099

These pictures don’t necessarily do the model justice as I’m working with relatively poor lighting at the moment but hopefully it conveys the level of fine detail on the model reasonably well. I should also point out that the two assembled photos above are without glue, the casting quality and tolerance control is that good. The resin, as advertised, is a high quality but reasonably soft material making clean up easy but if you go wrong with a knife you could take off more than you planned to so be careful. I’d love to see a hard plastic kit at some point in the future for some of the more generic models like Alliance troops or Nexus warriors but as an engineer I can appreciate the costs involved in injection moulding and if they keep up this level of detail then resin is fine by me! As you can see in the above image there is a little bit of warp on the gun but nothing a bit of warm water couldn’t fix for the final build.

I couldn't help myself...
I couldn’t help myself…

I may or may not have already sprayed, basecoated and washed Gabe… but that’s a post for another day. In the meantime, check out Icarus on Kickstarter and the website and leave some questions for them if you’re unsure. Anthony and the team are pretty prompt at replying so they should be able to clear up any queries you have.

Until next time!

*Disclaimer: I am not affliated with, paid by, under the employ of or otherwise associated with Icarus Miniatures. I have backed their kickstarter but that is a personal choice and in no way influence by them outside of the fact they offer a fracking awesome product! All views contained herein are my own.


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