Soooo… 2016

Hey all,

First off, apologies for going radio silent almost as soon as I got back into ITSZ; moved house, new job, new people. Basically I let my hobby slip by the wayside. This was not in any way helped by GW (boo, hiss… Other general internet feelings about the company) released the Battle of Calth set and kick started me on a whole new Horus Heresy army (I have 2000 points of White Scars in various states of built/paint).

Secondly, 2016… How the f*** did we get here already?! I’m officially closer to 30 than 20. What. The. ****. I’m aware a lot of my hobby mates are older than I am but still. That’s quite a realisation. But then I still play with plastic soldiers/space ships and go to LARP so… Young at heart! May it ever be so.

Thirdly; around this time of year people have a habit of making resolutions that last until about the 1st February. In the spirit of such abject optimism I thought I’d share my goals for 2016 in terms of hobby:

  • Actually finish my dindrenzi. Nearly 3 fething years I’ve had some of my ships and they’re still unpainted… Disgraceful, sort it out.
  • Finish my Terrans. The new kids on the block for me but the imperialistic, oppressive overlords (sorry, I was a son of Rense first!) need doing
  • Start and finish an 800 point Directorate fleet. I split the cost of the Overseers box with Jon “Eternal Ocean” Gregory and need to do my half as he will have his done in about 6…hours.
  • Various GW hobby related goals of HH and 40k variety!

Who has a 2016 hobby goal?!


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