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We’re back! (Again…)

Hi all,

So, the last post I put up was 4 months ago saying about how I was back and the blog would pick up again and all that. As you can tell that went really well! But fear not intrepid space battle fans, this time we really are hoping to be back!

After my last post I had to go into intense GW mode to get a 2000 point Iron Warrior army put together for the Heresy Weekender back in February and since then I’ve been in a mix of hobby slump and slowly working through the Iron Warriors. However, on June 25-26 Jon “Eternal Ocean” Gregory from my regular gaming group is planning on running a campaign weekend for the 6 people in the group. This has spurred the entire group back into FSA in a big way (Dan “August Doumerc” Smith has been going nuts trying to nudge us all to finish our fleets).

Campaigns have always been my weakness when it comes to hobby. The idea of doing a narrative weekend of gaming, developing a set of strong characters and caring about what happens to them and the fleet over a series of linked games is just the biggest slice of games imaginable. As such the chance to do one for FSA is putting models on my painting station once more!

I’ll try to keep you updated as we get closer to the Campaign itself with pictures of the various fleets and snippets from the other players so you can keep track of the build up.

Until next time!


New Planetfall Models

Hi all,

Alex over at Fleet Signal recently put up the latest images of the Air Helices for all the major races in Planetfall and they are something special! I’m a Dindrenzi fanboy but I really, REALLY like these new models!

Check them out on Fleet Signal.

Until next time!

Entry Level Fleets on a Budget: The Directorate

Hi All,

If you’re just joining the series then you can find Part 1: The Dindrenzi Federation here:

Entry Level Fleets on a Budget: Dindrenzi Federation

Now, once you’ve gone away, read that and come back we’ll dive in!

So, The Directorate; evil, faceless megacorporations who work for nothing but profit and have declared war to further their own ends. The smallest of the major races they are disproportionately powerful considering. Their origin stems back to the earliest days of the Terran expansion when the Charter was required to turn to private funding to keep it’s ships moving and the wormhole gate network built and functioning. All that changed with the discovery of the Fold Space Drive; the Alliance, overly focused on the wormhole network, put the development of the FSD out to tender to smaller firms, allowing the Hark-Williams corporation to win the bid and then relocate out to the distant Fathoms Reach.

With the rapid uptake of FSD travel, Hark-Williams’ fortunes exploded, allowing them to invest in dedicated ship building facilities putting them outside of Terran control entirely. From there they began to form what would become the Directorate, Hark-Williams offering deals to specialist companies to expand their offering to encompass all the myriad products and services a colonisation expedition would need becoming a one stop shop for all expansionist needs. This eventually allowed them to pull away from Terran control entirely becoming their own entity.

Now what would be the best way to go about collecting a fleet of these money-centric, evil, exploitative, corporate suits? In the same way as with the Dindrenzi, the best place to start is a copy of the Patrol Fleet; a Battleship, set of cruisers and frigates is a good balanced starting point. Plus, a set of tokens, TAC cards, turn template and battle log to round out to a playable battle group. From here I would be looking to expand in the tier 2 and tier 3 slots. The Directorate are great at boarding assaults so this list is going to focus on how to capitalise on that through a combined arms approach. A unit of heavy cruisers with some potent close range fire power from the flanks, shunt them in close with the cloaking fields up and then unleash hell in a rear arc of something powerful. From there, add in some numbers with a squad of Drones to get access to some cyberwarfare toys, one of the specialities of the Directorate.

Eliminator Class Battleship

  • +1 Shield
  • Biohazard Beams
  • Special Forces

Abraxas Class Cruiser Squadron w/ 3 Ships

  • Special Forces

Subjugator Class Heavy Cruiser Squadron w/ 3 Ships

Liquidator Class Frigate Squadron w/ 4 Ships

Hostility Class Drone Squadron w/ 4 Ships

The plan with this fleet is to reserve the Heavy Cruisers for a shunt entry, pick your target for the main boarding assault and target it with the Biohazard Beams and the Cyberwarfare to lower the crew points and put some critical effects on it before launching a linked assault from the special forces Cruisers or the Battleship. Meanwhile, the heavy cruisers put the hurt on something big and unpleasant while the frigates chase down the pesky enemy T3 small ships.

As for cost, this fleet does clock in at a little higher than most of the starter fleets without leaving much for expansion into the 1200 point bracket beyond another Frigate squadron but it does leave you a nice 400 point block to add a Dreadnought with… *evil laugh*. So from Dark Sphere:

  • Directorate Patrol Fleet Box – £35.10
  • Directorate Cruiser Group Box – £19.80
  • Directorate Frigate and Corvette Box – £13.50

This brings us to a grand total of £68.40 for the jump off point plus the same postage/collection options as the Dindrenzi. Alternatively this would bring you to £85 if you bought it solely from Spartan Games, just for comparison.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into a jump off point for the Directorate, check back soon for the introduction to the Relthoza – the brutal and technologically advanced xenos of the Zenian League!

Until next time!