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The Icarus Project: Gabriel Cross Unboxing

Hi all,

Welcome back to ITSZ. Today I wanted to show you the level of quality and detail that is going into the miniatures for The Icarus Project Kickstarter (so don’t worry, it’s picture heavy!). As mentioned yesterday when the KS reached 200 backers Anthony and the Icarus team decided to put a sale on for Gabriel Cross, the mini currently available on the store pending the result of the Kickstarter, so I picked one up to give you guys a look at what sort of quality you can expect from these guys in the future. Even if they fail to make their funding level in this round they’ve said that they’re going to go back, have a rethink and decide on a course of action that gets this game into our grubby little gamer mitts so these figures are coming, it’s just a case of when.

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Dindrenzi Core Helix Unboxing

Hi all,

Welcome back to ITSZ. Today we’re going to take a look at the Core Helix for the Dindrenzi in Firestorm Planetfall. One of my regular opponents, Chris, picked up the Sorylian Core Helix a little while back and so Jon and I are also getting involved so we can start doing some Systems Wars games.

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Dindrenzi Patrol Fleet Unboxing

Good Morning, Admirals!

Today brings you an “Unboxing” article, today looking at the Dindrenzi Federation Patrol Fleet, probably the second best starting point for a Dindrenzi fleet after the Battle for Valhalla set. So, why is it such a good purchase? Simple really:

  1. It contains everything you need to play barring the rulebook and dice (tokens, turning template, battle log etc.)
  2. It is a self contained legal fleet for Patrol Fleet level games (hence the name)
  3. It has the option to upgrade one of the cruisers to a heavy cruiser which can be used in any points limit or form the start of a dedicated heavy cruiser squadron

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the contents:


The box comes in the standard Spartan Games Firestorm packaging, a full colour printed sleeve with some text and ship renders on the reverse and a solid cardboard inner box protecting all that resiny goodness.



Spartan don’t mess about, the box is pretty much chock full of stuff. All the different ship types are individually packaged by class with the non-bubble wrapped package being the Murmillo upgrades, flight stand holes and battleship thrusters.


Everything laid out. You get a full set of TACs, templates and tokens which is a nice touch as the ones from Valhalla aren’t quite enough when you get up to large point games and they are bound to get lost/torn/battered during the course of a few games.




All the ships from the set. The Nausica isn’t quite as impressive as the Praetorian but it will still put a significant dent in what ever you aim it at! For some reason it comes with flight stand holes but you don’t need them, the Nausica has the holes pre-moulded into the bottom of the engine block.



A fair bit of flash on the Thraex but nothing unexpected or difficult. A decent pair of clippers and a hobby knife sorts it right out. I did also have a few air bubbles to deal with but again, easily fixed. I use GW liquid green stuff but there’s a myriad of options available these days.


All in all a cracking kit and a brilliant way to either start or build up on a Dindrenzi force for a relatively low financial investment. Plus the additional benefit of extra tokens, TACs and templates helps a lot too. I would still recommend splitting the Battle for Valhalla set with someone if you’re keen on getting into Dindrenzi, primarily because of the Praetorian but also because you get the rulebook and all the other toys with it too.

Up next, painting the fleet! Tyresius and his Captains get a lick of colour!

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